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Tubi Style Italy has a history of working with top Italian marques, meeting the demands of exotic production cars, prototypes, super cars, Formula One teams, and a number of offshore ocean racing teams.

Each Tubi Style exhaust is created by a team of consummate craftsmen, some call them artisans, in a small modern factory in Fiorano, Italy. Each system is crafted by hand using the finest materials available and a superior manufacturing process which is also ISO 9001 certified.

Construction begins on a specific jig manufactured for each model. INOX 304 stainless steel is used internally and externally. Each exhaust is welded with argon gas pumped into the chambers and piping while construction is in progress. This prevents warping and insures strong uncontaminated welds. Flanges are fusion-cast stainless steel to maintain integrity during assembly and throughout the life of the system.

Exhaust gases flow unobstructed through the system. This enables increased engine performance while preventing the compromise of excessive sound resonance. An internal lining of Isolmer mineral fiber with a fusion point of 1159 degrees Celsius makes this possible. The mineral fiber insulation is held in place with perforated stainless steel, eliminating any migration of material throughout the life of the system.

Tubi Style exhaust systems are designed to be installed directly on catalytic equipped vehicles. They adapt to the car's existing hardware, allowing for quick and simple installation without modification.Tubi Style exhaust systems are individually designed for specific applications. For example, the Tubi Style system for the C5 Corvette uses a unique balancing pipe just before the dual stainless steel mufflers which helps achieve maximum performance. No other exhaust offers such a unique design.

If you're interested in power...If you're interested in performance...If you're interested in perfection...If you're interested in competitive pricing...Tubi Style exhaust systems are the superior choice for your exotic car.

Five to Seven Percent Horsepower Increase with O.E.M Catalysts

304 Stainless Steel Construction

Distinctive Sound

O.E.M. Mounting Points

Lighter than O.E.M.

SystemsRuns Cooler

Aerospace Insulation

Post-Catalyst Installation

Stainless Steel Interior

Silence TubesHandcrafted

Larger Diameter Exit Pipes
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