To create your own custom wheel
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Forgiato was launched in 2005. In 2002, they started by importing wheels from the far East. unhappy with the quality product they we were getting, In 2006 they sold their import business and moved forward to pursue our goal to offer the Forgiato line to the most extreme high end vehicle owners.

They have combined their knowledge of the art of jewelry manufacturing with technological advancements in CNC automation. Forgiato uses all American Alloy Parts. The end result is… Wheels that look and perform like fine Piaget watches… Proudly made in the USA.

In 2005 they announced and produced the line of 3-piece Forgiato Wheels. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, Forgiato offers the discriminating auto enthusiast an unrivaled choice in expression, performance and reliability. Forgiato combines a leading design philosophy with modern construction technology. High grade Aluminum inner and outer halves along with forged 6061t6 heat-treated CNC machined centers bring those ideas to life. All done in house in our California Facility….

in 2007 Forgiato Produced Radurra “The Clear Wheel”
In 2008, Parlaro “The one spoke wheel” was introduced by Forgiato

Forgiato The Very Best in 3-Piece Wheel Construction. Contact Nicks Forza Ferrari for your specific application for your exotic.

Nicks Forza Ferrari is an Authorized dealer for Forgiato Wheels