Hyper-Flow Catalytic Converters offer your Ferrari maximum legal air flow for Maximum performance. The stainless steel metallic core with its exclusive treating process easily out flows even the best ceramic units, while maintaining full OBD2 compatibility. Even 100 cell ceramic “race cats” are no match for Hyper-Flow converters. In most applications, Hyper-Flow's core is capable of more air flow than the factory pipe size allows.

Special attention is given to all areas of Hyper-Flow Catalytic Converters to improve performance. The outer shell is designed to minimize power robbing turbulence while providing excellent scavenging and maximum exhaust velocity. This allows Hyper-Flow Catalytic Converters to make as much power as “test pipes”, yet remain emissions compliant. The custom machined, Ferrari specific hardware and beautiful hand polishing assure Hyper-Flow Catalytic Converters fit and look as good as they perform.

Prices inlcude gaskets and Free shiping in the USA, International customer contact us regarding special pricing including shipping.
Test pipes/racing pipes also avail for most Ferrari models, contact us for more information at

Carbureted V8
Fits: All 308 carb. from 1976-79
Requires 2

$1398.00 per pair
1980-82 308i & Mondial 8
1983 308QV & Mondial QV
with 2 converters
Requires 2

$1458.00 per pair

348 & Mondial t
Requires 2

$1578.00 per pair
Early OBD1 requires
plug for rear O2 sensor
Requires 2
$2290.00 per pair
Fits: All 360
Requires 2

$2956.00 per pair
Fits: All 430
Requires 2

$3120.00 per pair
550/575 Maranello
Requires 2
$3320.00 per pair
550 X-Pipe
308QV & Mondial QV/328
$769.00 each
Testarossa & 512TR
Requires 2

$1578.00 per pair
F 40
$2850.00 per pair
Hyper-Flow high performance Ferrari parts