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Brembo offers different levels for different applications, and for different budgets. There are currently three performance levels within the Brembo program. The first level is the Sport system. These kits include cross-drilled or slotted discs and high performance brake pads, and are direct replacements for the OEM components. The second level, the Gran Turismo system, upgrades the entire corner brake assembly. These kits combine fixed mount, four-piston aluminum calipers equipped with high performance brake pads, one or two piece directionally vented discs, and steel-braided brake lines. For those seeking a system for exclusive or nearly exclusive track use, the Track systems offer upgrades consisting of true racing components.
The benefits of Brembo racing technology are carried far beyond the walls of the racetrack. What is learned in the heat of competition is applied to aftermarket and high performance street applications. Whether it's a unique casting technique applied to increase standard passenger car rotor life, or lightweight multi-piston calipers developed for high performance street use, the transfer of technology is ongoing and significant.
 The Gran Turismo system's level of technology and performance is unrivaled by any other product on the market. Each system is designed vehicle specific for maximum performane and "Optimum Brake Balance".
Gran Turismo Systems are comprised of lightweight 4, 6 or 8 piston calipers and 1 piece or 2 piece "floating" vented rotors up to 15" in diameter. Calipers are available in red, silver or black and discs are available in cross drilled or slotted. Increased brake torque and thermal capacity, dramatically improves the vehicles performance.
This powerful combination offers the extreme in Brembo's leading edge technology for high performance street and track use applications.
Brembo brake systems are fully compatible with your vehicles ABS and traction control systems. Systems are pre-assembled and include all necessary hardware for ease of installation. Contact Nicks Forza Ferrari for your special price.
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