GruppeM intake GruppeM intake GruppeM intake
The intake system of a carbon duct that ideal air intake was pursued.In fact ,original is surely.
But original position can not become perfect,because they have to think about limited cost for their production.
In consideration of efficiency,to top priority without being influenced by the restrictions inhalation air content and the rectification effect.
RAM AIR SYSTEM is top of intake system which has best quality for material of duct and all fittings.
Designed for the flow of air.If the air design has got power at all through combustion for engine,the relation by air can not be bypassed.
As you know if temperature is lower has the high density of oxygen,serves as fuel-air mixture and burns,air can get high performance and high torque.
You know making it inhale direct,while neither garbage and dust has passed many air filters makes a big risk involved to engine and another parts.
But it serves as resistance at the time of inhalation,and sometimes serves as hindrance of the combustor efficiency on the efficiency of combustion.
K&N has cleared this conflicting theme by adopting the wet filter made from a cotton of four layers built in long history.
About the flow of velocity and temperature at the time of one inhalation,it is adopting conic filter shape,and when air passes a filter,it succeeds in making the flow of velocity raise.
And the limited space in engine room is used as effectively as possible,and the inhalation course of air is intercepted nearly completely with engine with the intake duct made from carbon.
And the shape of the intake duct is designed so that it may all be calculated and the flow of velocity may rise step by step with ram pressure.
The air intake kit can make the real performance not only the shape and many test & try which there is not with how often and is repeated based on outstanding filter and correct data.
A serial license plate is fixed to GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEM of clear quality regular goods at each by this serial number,merchandise management is done and a guarantee of quality for six months.
Notice there are so many copy products same as our design.
all copy products has no tested same as us.
Ferrari application
Lamborghini application
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