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Founded in the fall of 1999, U.S.-based Rotora is a major aftermarket manufacturer of high performance brake systems and braking components including racing calipers, brake discs and brake pads ranging from Original Equipment aftermarket replacement parts to racing and high performance upgrades.

Previously established as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of aftermarket brake components (including calipers, brake discs, drums and pads) in the mid 1980ís, Rotora utilized its technical and production knowledge gained from OEM to offer performance enthusiasts the very best in high performance brake upgrade systems. As racing enthusiasts, the founding partners of Rotora share the same passion and dream: to develop an uncompromising braking system to meet and exceed all required brake performance specifications in the severest conditions in the motor sports field. This drive towards higher innovative braking solutions not only involves exploring new materials and new technologies, but also the search for a dynamic brake design to achieve the greatest balance between efficiency, stability, reliability and controllability. This long pursuit resulted in the development of the 2-piston, 4-piston, 6-piston, 8-piston and the new 12 piston racing caliper brake system.

Through rigorous research, design, engineering, along with extensive road and track testing to produce the most innovative brake systems available on and off road, Rotoraís high-quality and specifications are maintained through strict quality control inspection, which assures that every component meet worldwide ISO 9000 quality standards.

With 3 company-owned production foundries across the globe, Rotora oversees all phases of development from conceptual design to final production. Rotora proves its braking system technology with multiple road race motorsport venues including SCCA and D1 Grand Prix. Today, the company continues to manufacture a wide variety of the latest applications in high performance calipers, brake discs, brake pads and complete brake upgrade systems for Domestic, Import and European applications.

The success of Rotora could not have been made without the productive partnership with organizations from manufacturers to race teams. These partnerships play a crucial role in Rotorís continuing advancement. Craftsmanship, innovation and performance: these are the commitments Rotora offers to consumer demands for the very best in quality, safety and cost performance products.

Made of billet aluminum alloy and CNC-machined to ensure the highest quality, Rotora's NEW 12-Piston Caliper Brake System enables maximum brake modulation while improving overall pedal feel to ensure equal distribution of weight transfer when braking for larger, heavier, higher horsepower vehicles. As the largest brake system offered for SUV and Truck applications to date, sequentially-sized pistons in the calipers are fine tuned by increasing the clamp load to the optimal level while utilizing the stock master cylinder to retain overall front-to-rear brake bias.

Each Rotora 12-piston caliper contains 6 ceramic-formulated brake pads with 2 sequentially-sized pistons pushing each pad to deliver excellent initial bite and uniform pad-to-disc contact, thereby eliminating tapered pad wear. Offered in 15Ē (380mm x 34mm) or 16Ē (405mm x 36mm) 2-piece floating discs with t-billet aluminum hat to produce the ultimate brake torque, these oversize discs provide exceptional heat dissipation to eliminate brake fade.

All systems are ABS compatible, direct bolt on and include DOT-compliant steel braided brake lines and carbon steel (SC45) mounting brackets and hardware with minimal modifications required.
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