Ferrari 308 high performance harmonic balancer ferrari 308, 328, custom radiator
Our Forza harmonic balancer was developed for our 3.5 & 3.93 liter Forza engines, these balancers address the engine damaging harmonics that are being created when the rubber is deteriorated on the OEM unit. This balancer is three pounds lighter than the OEM version, it features an internal clutch pack & indexed timing marks, 60 less 2 tooth trigger wheel for aftermarket ignition systems.

Every time the engine fires it makes the crankshaft twist as well as spin. After every twist the crank rebounds. This twist/rebound cycle is known as torsional vibration. If not dampned, torsional vibration can cause rapid bearing and crank journal wear, leading also to broken crankshafts and other problems.

Each 1 lb. of mass taken off the crank/eccentric shaft is equivalent to approximately a 2.7HP gain.
Forza light weight Aluminum radiator for 308/328
Ferrari racing clutch Ferrari high performance water pump
This radiator is larger, 2.75 verse 3.10 inches wide. The core has fewer but much larger oval shaped coolant tubes. This makes it much more difficult for corrosion to impact the flow of coolant.

An OEM core is not even close to that of the aluminum radiator. The aluminum radiator has about 50 percent more fin area, and about the same increase in coolant tube to coolant area. The net effect is that it flows a lot more coolant and is a much more efficient heat exchanger. This unit is 36% more efficient than the OEM unit. Racing version avail for 3.93 liter displacement engines or supercharged engines for an additional $ 200.00

This radiator was specifically designed to both be larger and fit in the stock location, the lower tank perfectly fits into the lower metal bracket and rubber seat. The condenser attaches to the front side of the radiator like the stock unit. The two aluminum brackets secure the radiator to the frame.

Installation is no big deal. You simply loosen the fan brackets and pull on the AC lines to take up all of the slack.
Forza high performance water pump & light weight pulley for 308/328/ Mondial
Would you trust a water pump for your prized Ferrari that is a 1940's design?

Well here is the deal on 308 water pumps. For years we modified OEM water pumps. we up rated the bearings, we even had a scroll impeller machined out of brass that fit on the skinny little water pump shaft that has a habit of not running true, and we even used to port the pumps for improved flow. The reality was, these were all band-aids for an antiquated water pump design.

With the development of the 3.5 liter & 3.93 liter 308 engines we knew that the Ferrari cooling system would not be up to the task & engine failures would happen unless we came up with a solution.

With my years of experience in water pump modifications & knowing the design's problems & weaknesses, I teamed up with some brilliant people & we came up with a solution. With hunderds sold & satisfied customers the Forza pump is a winner, designed & built in the USA including the casting.
Forza light weight clutch & flywheel for 308 & 328/ Mondial
This light weight clutch & flywheel package has been a proven design since the 90's, able to withstand 750 LB FT of torque & many racing seasons, can be used on the street if you are a performance oriented driver or have raced before. The whole clutch flywheel package weighs less than an OEM clutch alone! The engine revs much faster & removes seconds off your lap times on the track.Includes custom bearing & bearing collar.
ferrari 3.5 liter nicks forza ferrari engine
Adjustable high performance timing belt system designed for 60,000 change on a OEM block. The belts are actually designed for a 90,000 mile interval; the only issue is the lower drive bearings could fail before that time is up, so we recommend a 60,000 mile change or 9 years. 7075 Aluminum alloy is used for the adjustable pulleys; we supply the 4 upper pulleys the two lower pulleys, lower drive castle nuts & OEM tensioner bearings & two HTD timing belts. Cam timing can now be changed without removing the valve covers

Forza light weight tensioner bearings (in blue) are an additional $ 125.00 Forza bearing assembly must be pressed & assembled by customer. Note Forza timing belt tensioner bearing races are re usable, you only need to press out the SKF bearing out of the 6061 T6 bearing race next service interval, not replace the whole bearing assembley saving you $$$ long term.
Forza light weight adjustable timing belt assembly 308 & 328/ Mondial
Forza light weight harmonic balancer for 308/328/Mondial